26 July 2011

Cronicas De La Raza
26 July 2011 - KPFA FM

  • News Headlines From the Americas by Carmen Andrea Rivera, read by Langston Blues.
  • Commentary by US political prisoner, Mumia Abou Jamal
  • Commentary by Saul Landau on Cuba on the 58th anniversary of the 26th of July’s insurgent attack on the Moncada barracks. often considered the birth of the 1959 Cuban revolution, led by Fidel Castro. It was this 2y ear insurrectionary war that Che Guevara received his first taste of guerrilla warfare as a significant and heroic participant. Landau's commentary tonight is on his most recent California prison visit with actor Danny Glover to Geraldo Hernandez of the Cuban Five.
  • Julieta Kusnir discusses the California budget cuts and their impact.
  • Nina Serrano talks with artist Alfonso Maciel about his experience with political art, community and the 1979 Sandinista revolution in Nicaragua.
  • New music by an interesting Mexican folklore band, Pa ‘sumecha from their new experimental CD called "Son Jarocho". Son Jarocho refers to a musical dance form, where the percussion is provided by the dancers feet on a board. The musicians sing the various verses.
  • A ticket giveaway to the lucky winner for one of two upcoming Pa' sumeca club concerts in San Francisco, this Friday and Saturday nights. We’ll let you know when it is time to phone.
So stay tuned listen and enjoy.

Desnudo de Frida Kahlo, 1931
by Diego Rivera

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