13 December 2011

Cronicas De La Raza
13 December 2011 - KPFA FM

Tonight’s program features US nosotros– yes, us and YOU. KPFA ais holding a short fund drive and we need your support. We are offering a wonderful thank you gift for your donations- a new CD album by La Criolla Mixta called “Afro Taino”, led by Hector Lugo. This CD is rooted in Puerto Rico's rich musical culture and has the strength and passion to delight music lovers everywhere and especially to that great group of people who listen to KPFA.

As always La Raza Chronicles offers you the breaking cultural news of the Latino world:

o Jorge Agueta, San Francisco /El Savador prize winning author, will discuss the recent 2nd annual Children’s poetry festival held this November, and read his poetry.

o Ana Nitmar sings and tells us about the upcoming Bay Area Guatemalan holiday show.

o Hector Lugo of La Mixta Criolla discusses the new fabulous album “AfroTaino" sending out good musical vibes.

o Listen, donate and enjoy!

"View of the refinery from Prado (Havana, Cuba)"
Watercolor by
Beryl Landau

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