01 November 2011

Cronicas De La Raza
01 November 2011 - KPFA FM

Today’s program focuses on Dia de los Muertos, the OWS movement and tomorrow’s Oakland General Strike, including:
  • Pablo Paredes discussing tomorrow’s OWS march against the role of Wells Fargo Bank funding the immigrant detention centers in the US ,where people are jailed, raped and imprisoned.
  • Mumia Abou Jamal commentary on OWS.
  • Silvia Ledezma, artist, discusses her Dia de los Muertos exhibits. Silvia has also been heard as a labor reporter on KPFA.
  • Rafael Jesus Gonzalez speaks about his Oakland Museum pieces for Dia de los Muertos and reads his poems accompanied by Gerardo Marin on flute.
  • Videographer, Nicole Landau discusses the role of Media Committee of Occupy San Francisco
  • Free tix Give away to the concert of the Cuban Creole Choir - Nov 3rd!!
  • Listen and enjoy!

Foto of Human Banner at Ocean Beach
San Franciso, CA - Oct. 29, 2011

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