28 June 2011

Cronicas De La Raza
28 June 2011 - KPFA FM

This weeks’ program features the latest news and analysis from Central America:
  • An interview by Sue Kyper about the recent first indictments against a Guatemala general from the civil war/dictatorship period.
  • An interview by Vanessa Bohm with Andres Conteris about the 1st anniversary of the Honduran Coup and the return of ex-Pres Zelaya.
  • A conversation between Nina Serrano and Professor Ariana Virgil about the military war resistor Camilo Mejia, the similarity of tactics being used in Iraq that were used in El Salvador in the eighties, and feminist theory.
  • A calendar of upcoming events
  • Music in under and between.

Listen and Enjoy!

Mariposas of Antonio Guerrero

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