23 March 2010

Cronicas De La Raza
23 March 2010 - KPFA FM

Tonight's program brings news headlines from the Americas, a report on Colombia, conversation with Ecuadorian healer Carmen Vicente, the happenings at SF Clinica Martin Barro with guest Ben Wilfong, song and theatre about Cesar Chavez. You'll hear the Streets of Aztlan, historic Cuban music from Cuba Canta and a calendar of Upcoming events.

Produced by Nina Serrano, Vanessa Bohm, Carmen Andrea Rivera, Emiliano Echeverria, Ventura "Mr. Chuch" Longoria, Julieta Kusnir and Clay "CTone" Leander.


Clinica Martin Baro fundraiser

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La Raza Chronicles - Tuesday, March 23, 2010

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